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AQ Wiring Systems STG assures support from engineering side in scope of:

  • Customer Design Support At Early Stage.
  • Implementation and Development of New Products.
  • Design of Production Processes.
  • Preparation of Technical Documentation.
  • Assembly and Test Boards Construction.
  • Component Selection.
  • Electrical Testing Program's Design.
  • Engineering Changes Implementation.
  • Continuous Improvement of Processes.


  • Komax Alpha 433, Ampomator syst. III - machine for treatment of wires with possibility of terminal crimping, ink-jet printing,  tinning - whitening, twisting cable, seal assembly
  • Komax Kappa 225 - machine for treatment of wires and multi-core cables.
  • Wiedenbach -  ink-jet printers.
  • Ramatech Speedy - cutting and stripping machine max. 300 mm²
  • Schleuniger PS9500 - machine for treatment of wires and multi-core and coaxial cables.
  • Schleuniger JS8400 - equipment for isolation stripping.
  • Schleuniger US2300- equipment for isolation stripping from wires and multi-core cables.
  • Ramatech 800/300 - machine for unrolling cable reels.
  • Ondalainer , Inno Cable - cable harnesses taping machines.
  • Tyco, Mecal  - presses for semi-automatic terminal crimping.
  • AmTech WSX Ergo - device ultrasonic, cables splicer.
  • Baier - machine for connectors marking
  • Canon - equipment for cutting and marking PVC tubes.
  • Ulmer WSM30E - cutting machine for corrugated tube in the top
  • Ulmer SM15/2PLC, Tekuwa, Schleuniger CCM1200 - machines for tubs and shrinking tubs.
  • TSK- low voltage Electrical testers.
  • Cirris – High voltage Test System
  • Electric, pneumatic, hydraulic presses - crimping single cable terminals, e.g. ring-terminal, isolation-terminal.
  • Twister Devices - twisting cable terminals.
  • Weller, Solomon - soldering equipment.
  • Crucibles for manual tinning.
  • SLE SBL micro 3 - micrographic laboratory to test the correctness of the terminal clamp.
  • Other - manual tools, accessory devices, own manufactured devices (wire harnesses testing, marking and taping).