Gerdins Nordkomponent Kraftindustri och Automatiseringsindustri

AQ Enclosure Sollefteå is working with clients in various industries with high demands. For a complete and detailed list of references, please contact us.

Power industry

Enclosures with high strength, suitable for tough outdoor environments.


Automation industry

Complex control cabinets, e.g. for robot control system.


Process industry

Enclosures designed for harsh environments, such as surface treatment plants.


Security industry

Enclosures and cabinets for different types of safety features, e.g. cabinets for LPG cylinders and fire alarms.

Safety cabinets for LGP cylinders

Control cabinet for robot

Box for high voltage circuit breakers

Säkerhetsskåp för gasoltuber Styrskåp för robot Skåp till högspänningsbrytare

Housing for rectifiers


Stainless enclosure including assembly

Kapsling för likriktare   Rostfri kapsling inklusive montage

Housing for frequency converter

Operating Mechanism for disconnector

Machined details

Kapsling för frekvensomriktare Manöverdon för frånskiljare Maskinbearbetade detaljer