AQ Mekatronik

AQ Mekatronik manufactures and markets products for electric-, engineering- and vehicle industries. We develop, design and manufacture equipment for train- and railway environments, as well as provide service maintenance for customers within the industry and railway sectors. We can provide spare parts for a variety of details, if you have a drawing or a product we can look at it and assist you further.

The business is based on long experience of working with customers in both development and manufacturing phases. During the collaboration, our objective is to create the best solution starting from the customer's specific requirements for function, cost, environmental impact, ease of assembly and quality assurance.

Quick facts

Production area

6500 m2

Manufacturing methods

Designing, developing and assembly of mechanical, electrical and electronic components.

Number of Employees

60 in Sweden + 80 in Bulgaria


130 MSEK

Examples of Customers

ABB, Bombardier