Board of Directors & Auditor

In accordance with The Articles of Association, AQ's Board shall consist of not less than three and no more than seven members and no elected deputies. Members are elected annually at the AGM for the period until the next AGM. The company's board currently consists of seven members, including the chairman. The appointment of all the members at will be until the end of the following AGM. In the below list the directors with information regarding their year of birth, year of election to the Board, experience, current and former positions, and shareholdings in the Company. The shares in the Company subject to own, directly and indirectly.

Patrik Nolåker
Chairman of the Board

Born: 1963

Elected: Board member since 2015 independent*. Elected chairman in 2018.
Education and experience: 
MSc. Economics and MBA. Patrik has a broad international experience. He has previously been Group CEO for Dywidag-Systems International, Group CEO for Alimak Hek, President Atlas Copco - Underground Rock Excavation Division, President Atlas Copco - Geotechnical Dilling and Exploration Division and leading positions within ABB in various countries.
Current assignments: 
Patrik is today Chairman of the Board of Velcora Holding AB and member of the board of Systemair AB, Outotec Oyj and Palmarosia AB.
Owns more than 5% of the shares in: Palmarosia AB
Share holding in AQ: 7000 shares


Per-Olof Andersson
Board member
Born: 1955
Elected: 1994, Chairman of the Board 2009-2018. Independent of the Company and the Company's management, not independent of the major shareholders.
Education and experience: 
Tool maker 
Founder AQ
Other ongoing assignments: 
Board member in AQ subsidiaries
Owns more than 5% of the shares in:-
Share holding AQ:  4 483 975 Shares


Ulf Gundemark
Board member
Born: 1951
Elected: 1998 independent*
Education and experience: 
MSc. Engineering from Chalmers. Ulf has broad international experience and has been responsible for Elektroskandia/Hagemeyer Nordics, IBM Utilities, and different positions within ABB. Has been Chairman of the Board in Lindab International, Bridge to China, Ripasso Energy, and board member in Lönne International. 
Other current assignments: 
Ulf is currently Chairman of the Board for Nordic Waterproofing Group AB, Board member of Papyrus Holding AB, Gumaco AB, Scandi Standard AB, Nordic Waterproofing 1 AB, and Lantmännen ek.förening. 
Owns more then 5% of the shares in: Gumaco AB
Share holding AQ: 1 010 Shares


Gunilla Spongh
Board member
Born: 1966
Elected: 2014 independent*
Education and experience: 
MSc. industrial economy. Earlier CFO Preem, chief international affairs and CFO Mekonomen (Publ.), CFO CashGuard, CFO Enea and senior executive Fresenius Kabi and Electrolux (Publ.).
Other current assignments: 
Board member of Momentum Group (publ), Infranord, Pierce Group, Ripasso Energy (publ),
G Spongh Förvaltnings AB
Owns more than 5% of the shares in: Gunilla Spongh Förvaltning AB
Share holding AQ: 0 Shares


Claes Mellgren (
Board member

Born: 1959
Elected: 2018. Dependent to the Company and the Company's management, not independent of the major shareholders.
Education and experience: 
MSc. Engineering and has previously been production, logistics and site manager at different ABB units in Västerås. Claes has been a Board member in AQ Group AB until 2015. Founder of AQ, employed since 1994 and CEO from October 2010 to August 2018.
Other current assignments: 
Board member of AQ subsidiaries.
Owns more than 5% of the shares of: -
Share holding AQ: 4 549 175 Shares


Lars Wrebo
Board member
Born: 1961
Elected: 2017 independent*
Education and experience:
Master of Science from KTH. Lars have a wide international experience from the automotive industry. He was part of the Group Management of Volvo Cars where he has been responsible for purchasing and manufacturing. Before that Lars was responsible for production and logistics within MAN Truck & Bus. He also have had a number of senior positions within Scania.
Other current assignments: 
Chairman of the Board of Lightning Technologies.
Owns more than 5% of the shares of: -
Share holding AQ: 4 000 shares


Annika Johansson-Rosengren
Board member
Born: 1969
Elected: 2018 independent*
Education and experience:
Economy and Social science background. Annika has worked in leading positions in Human Resources for more than 20 years. She has been HR manager at Valeo, HR Director at ASSA ABLOY and works today as HR Director at Bombardier Transportation, where she has the HR responsibility for 19 countries. She has a long international experience and has worked with growth, start-up of units as well as large reductions. She has strategic competence and good knowledge how to optimize a company's competences to be successful in the marketplace.
Other current assignments: -
Owns more than 5% of the shares of: -
Share holding AQ: 100 shares

Helena Arvidsson Älgne
KPMG Sweden
Other current assignments: Some of Helena's customers are Acando, Prevas (OMX), Cybercom Group Publ and Botnia Exploration Publ (AktieTorget). Helena is also responsible for the auditing of Nordic Cinema Group (SF Bio), FM Mattsson Mora Group AB and Grimaldi Industri. Helena has previously been responsible for the auditing of Sandvik (Publ.)
Helena is a partner of KPMG and is representing KPMG in a stearing group within the organization for FAR, Företag av allmänt intresse.

*Independent of the Company, the Company's management and the Company's major owners.